Can Mosquitoes Spread Viruses?

Can mosquitoes spread deadly viruses, diseases, and pathogens? What about other insects?

The short answer is yes. Click this link to find out how, whether they can spread Covid-19, and what we can do about it individually.

Our new video covers the topic of disease transmission through insects, specifically mosquitoes.

You may remember a video we made a long time ago called "what is the deadliest creature on Earth?"

The answer is shocking, and it is mosquitoes. While their bites in and of themselves are not deadly, the effects of the bites are ruthless.

Mosquitoes and other insects assist in the spread of deadly pathogens, one of the most common being Malaria, which primarily affects Africa, South America, and Asia.

Diseases in the blood can be sucked up into the mosquito, and then spread to other humans.

In some cases, insects act as vectors species, or carrier agents, for deadly diseases. This means that they may live in harmony with a deadly pathogen which can then infect and kill humans.

This is an extremely hard problem to deal with because we can't simply "kill all insects on Earth."

First, insects make up 50% of all known species on Earth. Killing them would cause a cascade of effects which would put humanity in jeopardy.

Second, insects evolve at such a ridiculously fast rate it is near-impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes anyways.

In the case of the "London Underground Mosquitoes," an entirely new species of insects have evolved in the past 100 years specifically for the London Underground!

This trend is nothing new. New species of insects are discovered all the time due to their fast rate of mutation & reproduction.

Do insects spread Covid-19? As far as we know, no. There is no scientific evidence that coronavirus is spread by mosquitoes or other insects.

You can relax on that one!

Regardless, it's important to make sure your home & work is free of wildlife & pest infestation, as the presence of those creatures can increase the likelihood of other pathogen spreading to you, your family, or your pets!

Please contact us at or by calling 855-WILDLIFE and we'll be sure to help you out.

-Wildlife x Team International

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