Are We Alone in the Universe

As we look far out into the stars, we can’t help but experience a sense of awe and wonder at our magnificent Universe. 
The size of the observable Universe is incomprehensible to the human mind. 
Some of the stars that you can see now are already dead. They have burnt out or exploded in a supernova. We are seeing their old light, from millions of years ago. 
As depressing as that may sound, this means that some of those dark spaces in the night sky where we see no stars actually has stars… The light is just taking a few million years to get over to us before we can see it! 
In a Universe so large where the fastest moving thing (light) takes millions of years to travel, we can’t help but wonder: are we alone, or not? 
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Are We Alone, or Do Aliens Exist? 
Some scientists have created mathematical calculations in an attempt to try to predict how many other alien life forms could exist in the Universe. 
One of the more popular equations is the “Drake Equation.” Even with extremely conservative estimates, there are still MILLIONS of Earth-like planets! 
These Earth-like planets could be suitable for us (if we find a way to travel over there), OR already harbor other alien life forms similar to Earth (or completely foreign to us). 
The hard part in determining whether aliens exist is calculating just how often life “occurs” on one of these Earth-like planets, assuming we are looking for Earth-like life (or life on a planet we could actually visit + interact with). 
We have a very small sample size- just Earth- to go with, and for all we know, we could actually be the only planet (or first) with life in the Universe! 
We also must consider the probability that a non-Earth-like planet hosts life. For example, life on Venus or another planet in our solar system would have evolved in conditions unlike Earth’s. 
Life as we know it requires a few necessities to survive, one of which being water. Other life forms may have different requirements, and be capable of handling extreme temperatures. 
From their point of reference earth could be too hot or too cold, whereas for us it is “just right!” 
This theory does have strong evidence, considering that microorganisms are able to survive in outer space outside of the ISS. It’s also extremely likely that we have brought bacteria and microorganisms to the moon, which could presumably create its own life underground. 
We also can observe deep in the Ocean sea wildlife evolving in extreme heat, extreme cold, and extreme pressure. Life has found a way to thrive even at the deepest parts of the Ocean, so it is possible that life would have evolved on another planet. 
One popular theory with strong evidence is that Jupiter’s moon Europa could have life under its surface, as it is believed to have an Ocean underneath the ice! 
Some people believe that Earth has already been visited (or is currently being visited) by aliens. 
While there is some evidence here or there, there is not yet concrete evidence, or evidence that everyone can agree upon. 
Some people point to the pyramids and other structures as evidence that aliens may have helped us. Others suggest that in secret military bases such as Area 51 alien life is being held. 
Variation in Alien Life
One thing we can be sure about is that if we find one form of alien life, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be thousands- if not millions- of other alien life originating from that same place! 
Here on earth all kinds of life forms have evolved in a very efficient matter. Plants get energy from the sun, animals eat those planets, animals eat those animals, and bacteria/insects eat dead matter and other things. 
If Aliens exist, then it’s highly likely that other types of pests exist for those aliens, and harm them in some way. 
If the aliens have become technologically advanced and developed into a society, then it’s no doubt that the aliens would have created a pest or wildlife control service to deal with the local alien pests. 
While we can’t currently confirm the existence of aliens, we do know that there are several strange-looking, alien-like creatures currently infesting people’s homes and causing damage across the world! 
Mosquitoes and other insects kill more people than any other wildlife animals, and wildlife animals cause damage to the homes and disease to the occupants! 
If you think you have a wildlife or pest-related problems, please contact us at 855-WILDLIFE or visit and we’ll be sure to sort you out. 
We don’t know yet whether aliens exist, but here on Earth you shouldn’t have to deal with any unwanted creatures! 
Thanks for reading, 
-Wildlife x Team International 

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