Are There Birds in my Attic?

If you hear uncommon noises coming from your attic or scratching inside your walls, you may want to consider taking advantage of our bird trapping services. When sparrows, woodpeckers, pigeons, or other bird types get inside of your house, it’s important to remember that these are God’s Creatures just like we are, and that they may have just been looking for shelter or are trapped and desperately need our help.


Determining the Bird Type



Well, you don’t always have to be a bird expert or be trained in Bird Trapping services yourself to know that each different species has special habits, meaning that they will give off different types of evidence revealing their identities. For example, if you have a woodpecker in your attic, then you probably have heard Woody pecking away at the walls once or twice. If there are pigeons, then you probably know that they habitually leave droppings all over the place. Their lack of care for cleanliness is almost always a dead giveaway! But, no matter what type of bird it is that has now decided to rent out your attic without signing a lease or first asking your permission, all of them leave a few similar traces behind. Some of these are their feathers with a certain color, or the evidence of a nest or nests.



Birds will enter the higher spaces of your home (or get inside of the walls) in a number of ways. They could come in through unscreened vents in your attic, chimneys, open cellar hatches, or even dryer or exhaust vents. We recommend that, if you hear weird noises, you don’t try to perform Bird Trapping services for yourself. You could possibly get hurt or hurt the animal(s) without following the correct procedures. That’s where we can help.



Humanely Removing the Animals



Here at the Wildlife X Team, we specialize in professional bird trapping services. We are a God Fearing company that deeply cares for all wildlife, and practice the safe and humane removal of unwanted birds from your home by taking the proper steps. We first identify the type of species that has invaded your residence. Then, we professionally alter the habitat of the bird(s). If the living space is less alluring, the chances of them coming back afterwards are slim. Depending on the time of year and the weather, it will require us to adjust our approach to the situation, and we always do so effectively. After we have closed off the areas that they entered and taken our other preventative measures, we will also monitor the location for re-infestation to see if you will need any additional Bird Control in the future.






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