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Are geckos dangerous or harmful if they infest your home? 

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To people who have never seen geckos before, they may be a bit surprised when they finally see one crawling on their walls or outside somewhere. 

They look quite strange, and even people living in regions natural to reptiles like geckos they can be a little shock. 

Geckos are typically found in warmer climates. In America for example, they can be found in Florida but not in Minnesota. 

Geckos can often be found infesting people’s homes, and the reason for this is because they are small, able to climb surfaces easily, and agile. More on this later in the article. 

While they may resemble other poisonous creatures in a way such as snakes, geckos are for the most part harmless. 

They rarely bite, and when they do they typically aren’t strong enough to pierce the skin. 

Most of the time they just run away. They are much more afraid of you than you are of them! 

Now, if you are noticing several geckos around your home, then it may be indicative of a greater problem.

While the geckos themselves pose little threat to us both in terms of diseases & physical danger, the reason they’re hanging around your home is a whole different story.

You see, geckos love to eat all kinds of insects. They’ll eat just about any insect that comes their way. 

Therefore if you have a gecko problem, it could be indicative that you actually have an insect problem! 

Pay attention to whether there are insects in or around your home. This is likely what is attracting the geckos, in addition to a space place to sleep. 

If you don’t see ants, flies, or other insects out and about in your home, it could mean that they are infesting in the attic, in between the walls, or other secret areas. 

To get rid of the geckos, you should get rid of the insects and follow standard advice for removing insects. 

For example, mothballs, cayenne, and other tricks that get rid of insects deter geckos as well. 

If this does not work or the problem appears to be more serious, then please call us at 855-WILDLIFE or visit for more information. 

In short, geckos are for the most part harmless. You should not worry about geckos. 

However a large presence of geckos can indicate another problem, such as insect infestation in your home. 

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-Wildlife x Team International 

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