8 Life-Saving Blizzard Survival Tips

Snow is beautiful, and it can certainly be relaxing watching the snow fall. However, blizzards can really mess up the holiday spirit.

Never underestimate the power of a blizzard. Stay as safe as possible and don’t do anything crazy.

Blizzards can cause power outages, make driving dangerous, create sub-zero temperatures, and be dangerous to your health, your home’s health, and your pet’s health.

One thing that can also help is preparing your home for Winter. Click HERE to check out our video on that.

For today’s post, we shall be covering tips you can do to stay safe during a blizzard. For the video version, click HERE now.

  1. Avoid Alcohol & Drugs

    Alcohol and drugs are not wise to do during a blizzard. Even if you currently have nothing else to do, it’s not wise because the power could out and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation with limited awareness.

    During a storm it’s always important to stay on top of your game should anything go wrong.

    Alcohol & drugs can dehydrate you too, which isn’t so noticeable during Winter. Finally, it can also prevent you from shivering & regulating your body temperature meaning you get colder faster.

    Don’t do it, and especially not during a blizzard!
  2. Charge your phone & emergency devices

    If the power goes out you want to make sure your phone is fully charged so you can call for help if you need it, or at least have something to do.

    It’s also a good idea to invest in a power bank so that if the power goes out you’re able to charge your phone & emergency devices.

    Make sure to have extra batteries as well!
  3. Layer Up!

    The more layers you have on the warmer you will stay. If the temperatures are getting very cold put on as many jackets & layers as possible – it’ll really help you stay warm.

    Also, if you are using a blanket try exhale into the blanket. You exhale warm air from your lungs, so use that warm air to heat up inside of your blanket to keep your body extra warm!
  4. Be Careful of Generators

    Some types of heating release carbon monoxide which is dangerous to breathe in. That’s the chemical that comes out of car exhausts and can kill you!

    Don’t use a generator indoors, and be careful that your types of heating aren’t releasing dangerous gas to you should electrical heat go out.

    Researching your heating appliances to make sure they’re safe & updated.
  5. Blizzard Survival Kit

    It’s always good to create a blizzard survival kit with everything you might need in a blizzard & power outage.

    This could include flashlights, a battery-operated radio, bottled water, canned goods, any medications you take, food, toilet paper, and anything else that you may want- cater it to your own personal needs.
  6. Call 911 if Worried

    If you are feeling very cold, dizzy, and sick, thinking weird thoughts, or in general are feeling scared, don’t try to “brave the problem.” Call 911 ASAP!

    Many people that die from hypothermia pass away because they don’t ask for help and try to brave the cold. Don’t be a statistic, call for help if you’re worried.
  7. If You Must Drive…

    If you must drive or go out, prepare a car safety kit. You should be completely prepared for a crash or car dying.

    Bring food, water, medical supplies, and several extra layers of clothing so that you can stay warm in the event of a car crash.

    Make sure you’re extremely prepared for getting lost for a day or two in the blizzard- while unlikely, this has happened to people before!

    Your car could die, so make sure you could stay warm & fine if your car crashes or gets buried by snow. It has happened to me before!
  8. Don’t Expect Help

    Contrary to our advice to “call 911,” don’t expect help to come.

    If a blizzard is very bad, ambulances may struggle to locate you.

    It’s important that you prepare completely for a blizzard so that you can handle it on your own with as minimal help from the outside as possible.

    Of course if you are worried or hurt, you should definitely call 911, but if the blizzard is that bad you will want to have at least a minimum degree of safety equipment with you so you can hang on until safety personnel arrive.

Thanks so much for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. Anything else we should include?


-Wildlife x Team International

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