7 Ways To Prevent Coronavirus from Spreading NOW

The spread of Coronavirus across the world has inspired fear & panic among countless people worldwide. 

While the majority of cases are contained in China, Coronavirus quickly continent-hopped over to Europe, creating a massive problem in Italy. 

The Coronavirus attack on Italy has led to nearby nations such as Germany, France, and Spain to experience sudden outbreaks as well. 

Thousands of official cases have now been reported in North America as well, so Coronavirus has claimed 3 continents. 

With such a fast rate of transmission, 24/7 media coverage, and powerful abilities such as a long 2-3 week incubation period, it makes sense as to why millions of people are terrified- especially those with elderly relatives that are at particular risk to some of the worse effects of this virus. 

While the governments do what they can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus, there are also individual things that you can do to protect yourself & those around you. 

Here are some quick tips you can apply immediately to take care of yourself. 

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7 Tips To Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus 

#1: Follow Your Country’s Rules

If your government determines that you shouldn’t go out and party, don’t go out and party. Same for social events or any kind of public access. 

The rules created by governments are in place to protect EVERYONE from getting the virus. 

#2: Self-Quarantine if You Show Symptoms

If you are concerned for your health, then it would be wise to go to a hospital. Make sure that you take care of your own health first and foremost, and then those around you. 

If you start to show symptoms, or are concerned, then self-quarantine by limiting outside contact, wearing a mask, and preventing exposing yourself to other people. 

You will more than likely beat the virus just fine, but you don’t want to be around other people while the virus is active inside of you. 

Through sneezing, coughing, fluids, breathe, touch, and other methods of transmission, the virus may jump from you to other people. 

If you self-quarantine, you can totally kill the virus before coming into contact with others, effectively preventing other people from getting the disease. 

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have the coronavirus or some other disease, you should still self-quarantine. 

First, people are quite afraid, and in some instances have straight-up abused people even for the slightest of offences like a small cough. 

Second, even if you don’t have the disease, you don’t want to spread any other diseases, as the combination of that disease AND coronavirus could create an extra-deadly combination! 

#3: Wash Your Hands

Simple yet effective: wash your hands! There are some solutions that are particularly lethal to the coronavirus that you can look up online. 

This is particularly important if you’ve been out in public, where the virus is most likely to be transmitted to you. 

#4: Stay Away From the Infected

Don’t put yourself in an unnecessary situation. Avoid others and the potential infected. 

#5: Keep Calm… Seriously

Did you know that stress reduces your immune system response? People that are chronically stressed are significantly more likely to contract illnesses. 

In fact, if you relax, your immune system will be stronger, so it’s possible that you beat the virus without a single symptom! 

This WILL blow over, eventually. Vaccinations are in the works right now. Governments & the World Health Organization are taking necessary steps to take care of our health. 

We aren’t saying NOT to take preventive measures- just that there’s a difference between positive action, and filling yourself with fear & stress. 

It is wise to take care of your health and take preventive measures such as the above to keep yourself healthy. Just don’t live in constant fear & panic, as this will ironically make you more susceptible to getting sick, even if it isn’t the coronavirus. 

#6: Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Sleep

An ounce of prevention is more effective than a pound of cure! Start with a strong immune system by eating healthy, exercising, and getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep. 

Your immune system will thank you for the power-up, and be all the more capable of killing off any bugs that come your way. 

#7: Avoid Travel to & from Hotspots 

Flights are getting SUPER cheap as a result of the fear of coronavirus. If you’re planning on doing any traveling, now is a great time- assuming you’re heading from one safe area to another. 

Research beforehand to see the current information from the World Health Organization. 

It wouldn’t be wise to travel to Northern Italy, and you may not even be able to leave, for example. 

Other countries such as Bulgaria are about to declare a National Emergency, and severe travel restrictions will be initiated within a few days. 

If you’re planning on traveling, make sure that the region(s) you are traveling to is not a hotspot, and that you’re not a potential carrier if you’re leaving a hotspot. 

Be Healthy, Safe, and Happy

We at Wildlife x Team International wish that you remain healthy, safe, and happy during this scary pandemic. 

Amidst all the fear, we’d like to send our wishes to you that you be well and safe during this outbreak. 

Thanks for reading, and stay safe. 
-Wildlife x Team International 

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