7 Ways To Keep Flies Away From Your Food

Flies are pesky insects that don't have any benefits for humans. They can spread diseases, buzz around (which sounds annoying), and even bite you. If you have food out, they can cause cross contamination by hopping on different foods.

Getting rid of flies so you can enjoy wonderful meals outdoors can seem like a daunting task, but with these 7 tips you can get rid of flies naturally and enjoy the beautiful outdoors again! For the video version, click HERE.

Tip #1- Eliminate Breeding Grounds

Flies breed in decaying fruits & vegetables, compost, and manure- so get rid of all of that. Where flies breed, more flies come. Keep your trash can as far away from your homeĀ  and patio as possible, and make sure your trash bags and trash bin are both sealed tight. This will eliminate odors that attract flies.

Also if you have a garden pick ripe fruits & veggies immediately. Ripe fruits/vegetables may attract flies to the area. Any food waste that you have should be removed immediately, and when removing food waste in your trash bin you should double seal it to prevent foul odors.

Tip #2- Setup Fans

Even light, small fans are powerful enough to blow away small flies. Flies will sense the presence of this object and they will avoid going near the area because they do not want to get swept away. You don't necessarily have to have the fan blowing on you- place the fans in the general area blowing away from where you are eating if it's not warm enough for fans.

Tip #3- Make a Fly-Deterring Masterpiece

Get a clear jar with an open top and place inside of it basil, lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary. This creates a mixture of herbs and essential oils that naturally deters flies and insects from going near it. This will look beautiful so you can place it on the center of the table(s) you are eating at, and the scent will reduce the likelihood that flies enter the area.

Tip #4- Wear Natural Bug Repellent

If you aren't keen on wearing man-made chemicals to get rid of flies, you can use the same mixture of herbs and essential oils on your own body to deter flies form landing on you! Look for natural bug repellent that has basil, lavender, lemongrass, and/or rosemary, and it will be much healthier for your skin while accomplishing the same goal. Also- it smells great!!

Tip #5- Hide Coke n' Beer

Sugary & yeasty drinks such as coke n' beer attract flies and insects. If you are drinking beverages like this, make sure they are sealed tight when you aren't drinking. Make sure the container from which these drinks are begin grabbed is far away from where you're eating, and it is also sealed.

Spills should be cleaned immediately as well. Sometimes flies aren't so interested in your food but instead these drinks. By sealing or getting rid of coke and beer, you'll notice an immediate reduction in flies.

Tip #6- Mothballs

Mothballs deter almost all insects from entering the area. Get a few mothballs and hang it around the area you will be eating. Mothballs are especially good at getting rid of bees also.

Tip #7- Attractants & Traps

If the above six tips don't work, you can always buy or make your own traps. The above tips should be sufficient, but if you live in a region with lots of flies, you should research some simple traps to create. Make sure to place traps & attractants as far away from where you're eating as possible, and to use all of the natural tips as well.

Implemented properly flies will be attracted to areas away from your food, and deterred from where your food is. The two working together should be enough to safely get rid of almost all flies!

Anti-Tips: The Greatest Lie Yet

One supposed "strategy" to reducing flies is to place water in a plastic bag with a few pennies in it and hang it around. The creator of this strategy admitted that it doesn't work, and it has been scientifically proven to not work.

Still this "strategy" appears to be quite prevalent in North America. It unfortunately does not work, and the seven tips we just mentioned should be more than enough to rid of a pesky fly situation.




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