7 Interesting Facts About Apes

Apes are very similar to humans in their appearance & lifestyle. In fact, some scientists believe that humans evolved from apes long ago.

In today’s post, we are going over 7 interesting facts about apes that you probably haven’t heard about before. Enjoy!

1. Apes Are Omnivores

A carnivore eats meat, a herbivore eats plants, and an omnivore will eat both. Just like humans, apes will eat anything that they possibly can.

They eat plants, nuts, meat, and will even snack on insects if they’re really hungry.

2. Apes Make Tools

Apes aren’t nearly as intelligent as humans, but some of them are starting to make tools just like us! Some scientists have recently observed apes carving sticks into spears to help hunt for food.

Bonobos will use sticks as weapons for attack & defense. Ape tools aren’t complex or genius, but they show they are using their environment, unlike other creatures!

3. Apes Are Smart

Apes aren’t nearly as intelligent as humans, but they are definitely one of the smarter creatures out there. Some scientists believe that dolphins are the second smartest animal on Earth, whereas others believe that the bonobo apes are the second smartest animals.

Apes are also believed to have evolved very similarly to humans. Their genetic makeup & form are closer than most other types of animals. However, dolphin brains have also evolved very similarly to humans too!

4. Chimpanzees Have Similar Blood Types

We humans have different blood types such as O, AB, etc. Chimps actually have very similar blood types, but whether or not we can do blood donations is not entirely clear.

Strangely enough, pigs actually have blood more closely related to us than chimps.

5. Apes Can Learn Language

Ape brains are similar to humans, and they are very social creatures. They don’t have complex communication like we do, but they can be taught to communicate.

We can actually teach apes to sign language and communicate with them! Some apes that have lived their whole lives around humans have also been observed to understand humans, and even lie. As far as we know, there are no other creatures that can actively lie than apes & humans.

Simple commands can also be taught to apes. They will then begin using the language themselves, and form more complex words/meanings. Unlike dogs which learn through conditioning, apes can actually understand to an extent our sign language & words!

6. Chimps Love Movies

Did you know that chimps actually really enjoy watching movies? In one study, chimps were shown a movie featuring human actors, except they were dressed in ape suits.

The chimps loved the film so much that they rejected delicious snacks in preference of watching the movie. After the movie, they were able to remember major events from the film. Chimps really are like humans too!

7. Apes Learn Through Observation

Like human kids, young apes will learn how to behave, hunt, and live through observation. Mothers also learn how to raise their young by watching how the other apes do it, instead of raising their child by instinct.

This may also be why apes that lived in human captivity have begun to pick up on communication & sign language easily. They observe us, and so they learn. The ability to observe & repeat is a very human trait that apes possess too!


This was 7 interesting facts about apes. Let us know what you think & if you have any more to add. Have a great day!
-Wildlife x Team International

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