7 Fascinating Bat Facts

Bats are small nocturnal creatures- this means that they're only out at night. They can be hard to spot, and hangout in big groups (generally in caves). 

Bats can be found all over the world, and there are a lot more than people realize! In today's post, we will be covering 7 fascinating fun facts about BATS. 

1. Bats Have "Echolocation"

Bats can "see" in the dark using a special skill called "echolocation." Bats essentially make noises, then wait for the sound waves to bounce off of objects (the echo). They can then detect how close or far away an object is by how long it takes for the "echo" to come back. 

For example, if they make the noise and no echo comes back, then they know it's clear to fly ahead. This all takes place in mere split seconds! 


Did you know there are actually 3 species of vampire bats which feed solely on blood? Most normal bats will eat insects, fruits, fish, and related food. 

Fortunately for Americans, the three species of "vampire bats" do not live in the USA. Also, these bats typically feed on cows. They bite the cow, and wait for a tiny bit of blood to dripple out, then drink that. 

3. Bats Can Carry RABIES

Rabies is a deadly virus that kills almost 60,000 people per year! It is often carried in raccoons, and can be transmitted to humans, dogs, and cats (any mammal can get rabies if bit or attacked by a rabid animal). 

The problem with vampire bats is that they often can carry rabies, and spread the virus when they bite animals (such as cows). As long as you're sleeping inside of a tent, you will probably not be visited by vampire bats. 

4. Bats Fly FAST

They don't have time to waste- bats can fly up to speeds of 60 miles per hour. This especially impressive because they can't "see," and use echolocation (see point #1) to figure out where they can actually fly. 

5. Bats Eat FAST, Too!

They really do not have time to waste- bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in one hour. They often consume their entire body weight in insects every single night. 

While the prospect of bats may sound creepy, they generally aren't a problem because they're only out at night. Furthermore, they do not usually bother humans. Finally, they keep bug populations in check! 

6. Some Bats Migrate, Others Like Ice

Some bats will migrate like birds- this means that they go South to avoid the cold Northwern weather. Others will hibernate, which is an extended sleep during Winter. 

For the bats that hibernate, they can be completely encased in a block of ice and still survive. They are that strong!

7. Bats Make Up 1/4 Of All Mammals

You read that right- bats make up 25% of all mammals on Earth! In fact, there are over 1,100 species of bats alone. 

Because they're nocturnal, small, and generally stay away from humans, we don't realize just how many bats there are in the world. Thankfully, they are here, and they're eating up all of those annoying insects. 


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-Wildlife x Team International



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