7 Amazing Fun Facts About Squirrels

Squirrels are cute little creatures that can be found all across the world and especially in parks across the United States of America.

Almost everyone has seen a squirrel before, and they’re not normally aggressive towards humans.

Even if it feels threaten, it’ll almost always try run away instead of attacking you like other wild animals might.

In today’s post we will be going over 7 fun facts about squirrels. Check out the video version by clicking HERE now!

  1. Squirrels Have Caused Massive Damages To Home Owners

In the past year squirrels have caused over 20 million pounds in damages to home owners in Britain alone!

This is because squirrels are often looking for a place to warm up during the winter, and homes can be a potentially great “den” for them.

The damages come from gnawing, waste, and if they pass away.

  1. Squirrels Were Purposefully Put In Parks

One will notice that in parks all across the United States squirrels are easily found- this is no accident!

Squirrels were purposefully put in all of these parks by men perhaps in order to “liven up” the parks.

  1. Their Front Teeth Never Stop Growing

This is actually typical of all rodents, to have front teeth that never stop growing.

In fact the Latin word “rodere” actually means “to gnaw.”

  1. Squirrels Store & Hide Food For The Winter

Squirrels along with many other types of animals will over-eat in the Summer & Fall to “bulk up” for the cold and long winter.

Nuts are the most popular food associated with squirrels, and sometimes they can be found burying nuts into the ground.

If a squirrel thinks that a thief may be watching it, the squirrel will pretend to bury nuts that it doesn’t actually have to confuse the thief and protect its stash of food.

Sometimes squirrels forget where they put their food, which leads to new plants being born!

  1. Squirrels Make Dens For Winter

During the winter squirrels also create dens in the trunks of trees in order to stay warm.

If they can’t find a good trunk, they’ll use branches, twigs, and leaves to make a den somewhere.

Several squirrels will hide-out in a den in order to keep warm from each other. Some scientists actually believe that male squirrels purposefully make dens with females in order to mate with them later.

  1. 285 Squirrel Species

There is one very common type found across the United States, but there are also 285 total species of squirrels!

Squirrels can be found on every continent except Antarctica & Australia.

  1. Squirrels Break Into People’s Homes

During the cold winter months squirrels will try to make dens in other people’s homes.

They will often find a way to sneak into the attic, get in between the walls, or go right under the home in order to make their den.

This can result in big costs to the home owner.

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