5 Ways To Show Love To Your Pet

Do you have a dog or cat, or other pet? Do you love them? 

Of course you do! In today’s post we’re sharing with you 5 awesome ways you can show your pet you love them so they feel amazing. 

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#1 Keep Your Pet Healthy 

It’s a lot easier for your pet to be happy if it has the energy to be happy! Keep your pet healthy by following these tips: 

First, pets like cats and dogs have specific dietary needs just like us humans. Make sure that you are giving your pet high-quality food. It might cost a bit more, but the energy and joy your pet exudes will be more than worth the price. 

Physical exercise is important to them as well. Take them on walks, play with them, and make sure they’re having enough physical activity. Avoid keeping them locked up or in tight spaces for too long. 

Keeping your pet healthy will strengthen their immune system, they’ll live longer (more time with you!!), and most importantly they’ll have more energy to be happy with you. 
It’s a lot easier for your pet to be happy if it has the energy to be happy! 

#2 Learn Your Pet’s Language 

Your pet is unable to speak English, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to communicate with us! 

Some pet owners have an intuitive sense of what their pet wants and needs. Most of us are a bit more disconnected. 

Whether you have that ability or not, it’s important to develop the skill of learning animal body language so that you can understand what your pet really needs. 

Conduct some research on your pet’s body language. There are several fascinating YouTube videos for all types of pets. Even animals as subtle as cats speak a lot through the way they act. 

Once you can understand what your pet wants and needs, it’ll be easier to provide for them. They will also feel more understood and connected with you as a result. 

You can also then pay attention to what play activities your pet enjoys most. Instead of just doing what you want to do, you can see what they want, and give it to them! 

#3 Play More Games

Do you get enough play time in your life? Are you laughing enough? Probably not. Most Americans aren’t smiling and laughing enough in their lives. 

Smiling and laughter has been shown to reduce stress, increase lifespan, and make you healthier as well. That’s just the start to all of the benefits! 

How about you start enjoying life a bit more by playing more games with your pet- dance with them, pet them, be silly, etc. 

They’ll enjoy it, you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll both feel more bonded after all the fun is over! 

#4 Make Them Comfortable 

Is your pet comfortable? This one will be easier to figure out once you learn your pet’s language, as discussed in tip #2. 

Avoid forcing your pet to wear a walking leash that is uncomfortable, and don’t make your pet wear any uncomfortable attire, as cute as it may look. 

As cute as an outfit or piece of clothing may look on your cat or dog (or other), they might not like that and it’s important to respect your pet’s boundaries. If your pet doesn’t want attention or needs time alone for example, give it! 

If your pet doesn’t feel validated and respected, then you can’t expect your pet to love you back. 

Trust as created by respect and boundaries will help your pet feel more validated and cared for. Your pet won’t feel like it is being used for your entertainment. Instead your pet will feel happy and loved. 

#5 Cuddle & Praise

Animals respond best to love and praise more than they do anger. Be soft with your anger, and avoid showing it unless absolutely necessary. It’s better instead to encourage them for the things they do well instead of punishing for the things they do bad.  

When you focus more on rewarding good and are hesitant with your anger, they will begin to associate you with the good feelings of praise and joy. They’ll begin to feel better around you. 

As disciplined as you want your pet to be, you don’t want them to associate you with pain or fear! You want to be associated with love and joy. The more kindness you can give to your pet (especially for doing things right), the better your relationship will be. 

Bonus Tip #6

Wildlife infestation can be very damaging to you, your home, but also your pets! Your pets should feel safe and loved in your home, and wildlife or pest infestation will completely undo that. 

Make sure that you don’t have any wildlife animals infesting between the walls or in the attic- their scents may scare your pets, and cause them to feel uneasy. 

Other pests such as insects can spread disease and make the living situation rather unpleasant for your pets. 

Do you have a wildlife or pest-related problem? Give us a call now at 855-WILDLIFE or visit www.wildlifexteam.com and we’ll be sure to help you out. 

Thanks for reading! 

-Wildlife x Team International 

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