5 Ways To Never Feel Cold Again

Fall weather has just arrived in the Northern Hemisphere bringing significantly cooler weather.

Now it’s time to put on your jackets, hats, and scarves- as they say in Game of Thrones: “Winter is coming.”

In today’s post we’re going to share with you 5 effective tricks you can use to not be bothered by the cold again.

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Tip 1: Take Cold Showers

This sounds a bit counter-intuitive but there’s a lot of science backing this up. Instead of taking warm showers and hiding under the covers, dare to face the cold for at least one minute per day!

This is kind of like taking a vaccine against cold weather- you expose yourself to extreme cold just briefly, and then you build a tolerance against the discomfort.

Most people aren’t in any danger when cold weather comes, but instead their skin feels uncomfortable. There’s a difference between being literally “cold” and experiencing something like hypothermia.

Cold showers are safe and effective for training you to tell the difference between real cold and skin discomfort, and it helps you endure skin discomfort.

After just a week of taking cold showers you will find that you stop feeling near as cold outside!

If you really love the warmth, then start or end the shower warm, but make sure you have at least one maximum cold minute per day.

Bonus points for taking part in cold plunge.

Tip 2: Have Fun Outside

Most people only know how to have fun during the summer and so they only go outside because it’s warm and easy to do things like walk around, relax with friends, etc.

Unfortunately these can’t be done in cooler weather. Now is the time to break the routine and find some fun fall & winter activities!

Having fun outside takes your mind off of the cold and helps you endure it longer via exposure. If you are moving around too you will warm up naturally.

Have a snowball fight, laugh with friends, go snowboarding, and look up some other fun winter & fall activities to do. If you’re new make sure to subscribe so you can get some fun winter activity ideas soon.

Tip 3: Workout

Working out instantly raises your body temperature which makes you feel warmer. Bonus points if you can do an outdoor sport so you can get exposure to cold on your skin too.

The more muscle you have the less likely you are to actually feel cold. Muscle generates a lot of warmth so put down that twinkie and pick up the bar!

The fall & winter is also a great time to start working out so that you can impress everyone with your perfect beach body when summer comes. It’ll be a complete surprise to everyone to see your perfect body after you take the winter jacket off!

Tip 4: Meditate & Visualize Inner Warmth

Scientists have proven that monks meditating visualizing a fire in their stomach can actually raise their body temperature slightly and reduce their discomfort in the cold.

Remember how we said earlier that it is the perception or discomfort of cold which bothers people, and not the literal cold itself. Meditating will help you let go of the negative focus on discomfort which frees you from the burden of hating cold weather!

Meditating on the warmth inside of your body helps you distinguish between legitimate freezing (ie. hypothermia) and skin discomfort.

If you get really good at it, you’ll also be able to raise your body temperature in certain areas of your body and literally feel less cold.

Tip #5: Cuddle n’ Bake

If all of the above doesn’t work, grab a blanket and a cuddle-body to snuggle with! Pets are great for this too!

Animals release a lot of heat from their skin so cuddling with someone or an animal will help you both warm up.

Bonus points for doing some extra baking as well. The stove will warm up the home fast while also giving you some delicious winter treats.

The cooking will also be a ton of fun and take your mind off of any discomfort you might be experiencing!


We hope you found this post useful- let us know what you think!

-Wildlife x Team International

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