5 Unique Australian Wildlife Animals

Australia / Oceania has very unique wildlife because it is not connected to anywhere else in the world. Australia for example is one giant island that has been disconnected from Asia for tens of thousands of years!

As a result, local Australian wildlife has adapted in a unique way unlike anywhere else in the world. Enjoy!


Kangaroos are very abundant in Australia. Overgrazing can even be a problem in some places in Australia. They are iconic to Australia.

Kangaroo boxing is even a thing in some places in Australia. They sure know how to put up a fight though- if you ever find yourself close to a kangaroo, stay away! They can be dangerous when they are aggravated.


Australian orangutans are smart, playful, and funny. Unfortunately they are also critically endangered. Their endangerment isn't a result of poaching- it's because of forest fires & deforestation of their natural habitats.

Orangutans can be found in several zoos all around the world. There aren't too many living naturally in the wild however. They are one of the smarter forms of wildlife as well.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon can only be found on the Indonesian island of Komodo, and a few others nearby. Did you know the Komodo Dragon is the world's largest living lizard?

Its bite is particularly dangerous due to strong bacteria & mild toxins in its mouth. They've been known to be on the aggressive side & even attack humans. If you see one, stay away from it.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are extremely colorful birds primarily located on New Guinea and a few other Pacific Islands. They're incredibly difficult to take a photograph of because they tend to live in dense rain-forests that are difficult to access. This also makes it hard to get a good photo of them because they blend in with the environment!

Australian Crocodiles 

Crocodiles can also be found in the Americas, however there are some unique features of Australian crocodiles. Crocodiles of any kind all around the world are highly dangerous.

They attack swiftly, hunting primarily small animals or small kids. Sometimes they will even attack an adult human! When they are hungry, they will eat just about anything.


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