5 Unique Asian Wildlife Animals

Asia is the largest continent on Earth and hosts all kinds of exotic creature. In today's post, we will be covering some unique Asian animals, and animals culturally connected to Asian culture.

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#1 Panda

Pandas are huge, cute creatures. They are currently protected because they are at risk for extinction. China is culturally connected with Pandas as well!

Sleeping around is what pandas do most. Their diet is not rich in protein & nutrients because pandas eat a lot of bamboo. As a result, you may notice from watching pandas that they aren't the brightest creatures.

Panda's #1 threat comes from humans.

#2 Bengal Tiger


The bengal tiger is the largest cat in the world & one of the most dangerous wildlife animals to humans. The biggest problem with bengal tigers is they exist in areas that have extremely high human population densities.

Bangladesh & India for example are extremely dense, and also have lots of bengal tigers. Both also consider bengal tigers to be their national animal.

Because of this co-existence, both the bengal tigers & humans are at risk for not-so-fun altercations.

#3 Snow Leopard

Snow leopards are endangered and are native to central & south Asia, primarily the Himalayas and other alpine regions. They're extremely difficul tto spot in the wild because they tend to avoid humans.

They are also not known to attack humans- they stay as far away from us as possible! Because of this, it is often hard to get good photographs of snow leopards.

#4 King Cobras

King cobras are the world's longest venomous snakes- upwards of 19 feet! They're primarily found in Southeast Asia & prefer to avoid humans.

They can kill us with their bite though, so don't play around with one if you come across it!

#5 Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants are one of the 3 creatures that are self-conscious in the world. Humans, dolphins, and elephants are the only self-conscious creature sin the world. This means we can recognize & distinguish the "us" in the mirror.

Asian Elephants, unlike African Elephants, are more docile & can be domesticated. They're unfortunately endangered because of encroachment on their habitats and illegal ivory poaching.


Thanks for reading! Do you know any other cool Asian wildlife animals? Let us know. :)
-Wildlife x Team International

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