5 Tips for Upgrading Your Home Office on a Budget

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Many people are enjoying the benefits of working from home, but it comes with the need to find a comfortable space to work from in your dwelling. You need a place where you can focus and be productive. It might even need to be a space where you can meet with clients virtually and face-to-face. Some houses are better suited to the work from home environment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work in less ideal spaces. Here are five tips from Wildlife X Team to help you create a place where you can complete your work effectively and comfortably from your own home.

1. Pick a Spot With Ample Lighting

Good lighting is really important. If you rely on your computer monitor too heavily, it will hurt your eyes and make it difficult to complete your entire day’s work. When possible, select a spot for your home office with natural lighting from a window. This softer light is easier on your eyes, and it allows you to soak up a little Vitamin D during your work day. If this is not attainable in your abode, be sure to invest in good lamps or overhead lights so that you do not have to strain your eyes as you work. Desk lamps work nicely and can easily be switched on and off throughout the day as your needs change. 

2. Ensure You Consider Ergonomics

Productivity is important in a successful work day. Did you know that research shows that a workstation designed with ergonomics in mind can increase your productivity by 25%? This type of workspace enables you to sit comfortably at your desk while easily reaching your mouse and keyboard. It also encourages positioning that prevents you from straining to see your computer screen, which will help your neck and eyes.

An ergonomically-designed office space includes a comfortable chair that supports your body appropriately. Adjustable chairs and desks offer customization and allow users to raise and lower them based on their own needs. Standing and top desks are also great ways to create an ergonomic workspace because they easily adjust to accommodate both sitting and standing positions. The ability to shift positions based on your needs throughout the day can reduce health issues caused by the sedentary nature of desk work. Plus, repositioning can reduce strain on your back, neck, shoulders, and wrists. 

3. Minimize Distractions

If it is possible, set up your workspace in a separate room complete with a door. This will allow you to work without being interrupted by uninvited guests, such as pets and other members of your household. Add a sign to your doorknob or on a hook that notes when you are on a call to indicate whether your family can enter the office.

If you lack the square footage to have a separate room dedicated as an office, you can use room dividers to help you section off a specific space for you to do your job. Try wearing headphones with music that motivates you for inspiration and to block out the noise around you. You can also try a white noise machine or noise canceling headphones for when you aren’t on calls.

There are larger scale methods for minimizing distractions as well. Consider outsourcing your work; you can outsource even core operations. BPO companies are highly capable and adaptable organizations that can take on even complex tasks central to your business. Having them handle certain work functions can leave you with less on your plate and better able to focus on things that demand your attention.

4. Make it Meeting Appropriate

Most business professionals have meetings or take appointments. If you are able to conduct your work day through phone calls and video chats, then simply ensure your space is set up with a professional, yet neutral, background for your video meetings. If, however, you will need to meet with clients in your home office, you may need to prepare differently. Provide a comfortable place for guests to sit that faces you and is separate from other areas of the house. A small side table can be a good addition so you can offer your guest a beverage. 

It’s a good idea to have a bathroom ready and available for clients, too. Take the time to tidy up the one nearest your home office, and have the accommodations fully functional. If your sink drips or your toilet runs, a local plumber could repair that in no time. Find a good search engine that allows you to enter your specific needs before you get an estimate and recommended companies. If you do not have a bathroom near your home office that a client could comfortably use, you may want to consider adding one. In this case, a contractor would be a better choice.

5. Make it Aesthetically Pleasing

Your home office is a space you will inhabit for about 40 hours per week, so make it a space that you enjoy. It’s not just about functionality. Consider the aesthetics as well. Try sprucing up the walls with paint, pictures, or peel and stick wallpaper. You can also combine these techniques into something that’s uniquely you. A gallery wall is a great way to mix mediums and tie together things you love.  

Other ways to add flare to your workstation are with plants (real or fake), curtains, artwork, and a nice seating area. A cozy chair will give you an area to read over hard copies of your projects to check for errors and provide you with a little break from staring at the screen. It’s also a good idea to keep a lightweight stick vacuum tucked into a corner or small closet so that you can clean up messes in a pinch. Some models even detach to double as handheld units. This tool is especially useful if you have small children or pets that may wander through your home office space.

Working from home can be a great experience, but it’s important to make your home office both functional and enjoyable for your working day. Small upgrades can have a major impact on any space. Do your best to minimize distractions, and decorate in a way that is business appropriate, but that also makes you happy. And make accommodations for client visits, if appropriate. 

If you need help addressing any wildlife or pest issues when preparing your home office, contact the Wildlife X Team today!

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