5 Longest Living Animals on Earth


Do you wish you could live forever, or at least a very long time, but you’re stuck being a human with an average lifespan of only 79 years? 

Well here are some wild creatures that you should try respawn as in the next life. These animals can live a really, really long time- potentially even forever! 

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Here are 5 of the longest living creatures on planet Earth: 

5. Galapagos Giant Tortoise

This is the largest living species of tortoise, and they can live well past a hundred. The oldest is recorded at age 152. The most famous Galapagos Tortoise was “Lonesome George,” which is a subspecies who lived on some Islands.

4. Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whales are a better bet if you want to live even longer. They have an average lifespan of 200 years and are the second largest mammal after the blue whale. Not only will you live a long time, but you’ll be a king of the Ocean as well! 

Scientists didn’t realize just how old Bowhead Whales could live until one was discovered with a harpoon stuck in its skin that dated over 100 years ago- meaning that humans 100+ years ago were trying to attack it, but failed! 

3. Greenland Shark

If you’d prefer to be something a bit scarier than a whale, you could respawn as a Greenland Shark. 

These sharks regularly reach ages of 200 years old. One shark was found that was estimated to be about 412-512 years old, making it the oldest vertebrate in the world. 

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The reason they live so long is because they grow very slowly. They grow at about 1cm per year and reach maturity at about 100 years old. 

Imagine that: waiting 100 years to be considered mature! Humans are lucky to make it to 100 years old! 

To put 512 years old in perspective, that was 1507. Columbus was born in 1451 so this shark was alive just in time to see humans start to travel between North America and Europe. The shark is older than many modern countries as well! 

Note: the “512 year old shark” may actually only be around 400 years old, scientists now report. 

2. Ocean Quahog

While not the most mobile or fancy of creatures, many of the collected specimens have been calculated to be more than 400 years old. 

The highest reported age was “Ming the clam,” which was estimated to be around 507 years old. This clam would’ve been alive during the Ming Chinese Dynasty! 

1. Immortal Jellyfish

Do you want to live as long as possible- potentially even forever, if conditions allow? 

There is a very unique jellyfish which can revert back to its premature state when exposed to stress or injury. This makes the jellyfish biologically immortal, and able to live forever assuming it doesn’t get eaten. 

That being said some of these jellyfish do get injured or eaten, so many of them do not live forever. However if you think you have the skills to survive predators for nearly forever, you may find yourself to just do that! 

The Turritopsis Dohrnii is the name of the longest living jellyfish. Regeneration is its special ability. Hopefully one day we will be able to understand their methods and replicate them for humans to increase our own longevity. 

Improving Your Life

Now that we’ve covered 5 of the longest living creatures on Earth, it’s important to remember that you only have one short human life so it’s gonna be wise to make the best of it. 

Eat healthy, sleep well, and avoid wild animal and pest infestation. Seriously- these sneaky creatures could cause a deadly disease like rabies or mess with your happiness as repair costs add up! 

Many people are also allergic to bee and wasp stings, which can be an instant death sentence. 

If you have a wildlife or pest related problem, don’t let it reduce your lifespan or those you love. 

Call us immediately at 855-WILDLIFE or visit www.wildlifexteam.com and we’ll help you to live a little longer and a little happier. 

Thanks for reading!

-Wildlife x Team International 


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