5 European Wildlife Animals

Europe is a large continent filled with diverse culture. It also hosts some unique wildlife animals. In today's post we will cover 5 unique European wildlife animals, some of which are also specially culturally connected with Europe!

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There are also "reindeer" in North America, where they're called caribou. Reindeer are particularly iconic in Russia & the Scandinavian countries because they are particularly suited for colder temperatures.

Reindeer have become culturally synonymous with European Christmas, even more so than the United States!


The Eurasian lynx is native to Europe & Asia. They have a preference for forested areas. The lynx is a large cat, akin to that of a bobcat, wildcat, or Canadian lynx.

Unfortunately many of the Eurasian lynxes have been wiped out in Western Europe due to rapid urbanization. They are now being reintroduced to natural wildlife environments in the hopes that they won't go extinct.

Eurasian Wolf

The Eurasian wolf is a relative of the gray wold. The Eurasian wolf was systematically killed off by Europeans to prevent clashes with humans, so it is not easily found anymore, especially in Western Europe.

It is now primarily located in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. The Eurasian Wolf is primarily found in the less-populated areas of the continent.

European Brown Bear

The Americas have a brown bear, but so does Europe! Once again, this animal isn't easily found in Western Europe. Due to a high population density, lots of urban environments, and human expansion, wildlife animals are becoming increasingly rare in Western Europe.

Like the Eurasian Wolf the European Brown Bear is found in the less populated areas of the continent, namely Russia & Scandinavia due to the colder climate. It prefers mountainous, cooler climates, which is why it won't be found so easily in the Balkans (Southeast Europe).

Urban Red Fox

Urban red foxes have shown up everywhere in many European cities! While many animals have been killed off or receded into wildlife, European red foxes have taken a liking to urbanization and made it work.

They can be found in many European cities, munching off of what leftovers they find from humans.


We hope you enjoyed today's short post about 5 European wildlife animals. Do you know anymore unique European animals, or those culturally connected with Europe? Let us know!

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