15 Hidden Benefits of Nature

Nature is beautiful, and many can enjoy the peace & tranquility of it. What happens when nature & trees are integrated with modern cities?

There are a myriad of hidden benefits most people do not know about. It is important to plant trees, and create as much green as possible in our cities.

Most people will need to live in a city. It is not economical to live too far out from the center, or in nature. Education, healthcare, and job opportunities for the most part exist in the city. Planting trees & integrating nature in our cities is thus even more important.

Here are 15 hidden benefits of integrating nature with our modern cities.

Trees Combat Climate Change

Planting trees are especially great at combating climate change. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees collect sunlight and carbon dioxide and release pure oxygen!

This keeps the world cooler, and reduces the negative effects of global warming.

Trees Clean the Air

As we just mentioned, trees breathe in what we let out (Co2), and release what we breathe (oxygen). This creates a perfect relationship between humans & trees.

Areas with more trees and nature have cleaner air. Cars, humans, and factories all release Co2. Too much is Co2 is associated with mental health problems, asthma, bronchitis, and many other health problems.

Trees & plants naturally clean up the air for us to breathe. By planting more trees in cities, we can make the air cleaner. With cleaner air humans will be happier, healthier, and smarter!

Trees Cool the Streets

Trees block out a lot of sunlight which can cool down the area around it. In cities where lots of walking is required, this provides shade & breaks for people outside.

Dehydration and death from heat wave is one of the most common ways people die from the environment. The elderly & young children are especially to prone to illness from excessive heat.

By planting more trees and plants in our cities, we can cool things down during the hot seasons. During the winter, trees lose their leaves and so the winter does not become colder than it normally is!

Nature Makes a City Beautiful

Human architecture is magnificent, but it is most beautiful when integrated with the natural order of the world.

The most beautiful cities in the world also have lots of "green." That includes trees, grass, plants/flowers, etc. Trees especially are unconsciously perceived as beautiful, and can make modern architecture appear even more wonderful.

Trees Conserve Energy

By cooling down the areas around the trees, there is less of a need for air conditioning. For example, trees planted around a house can keep it cooled down during hot seasons.

While the house still will likely require air conditioning, the trees will cool it down considerably and thus require the home use less air conditioning to cool down! Trees are a great financial investment.

Trees Save Water

As we mentioned, trees keep the area around them cooler. The reason they do this is so that water stored in the branches, trunk, roots, and soil do not evaporate as easily.

If the water evaporates, the tree will not be able to use it. Because the trees cool down the land considerably, an excess of water is often left allowing us to have more water sources inside the city.

Nature Prevents Water Pollution

Plants & trees will prevent water pollution. Because cities tend to pollute the area around it quite a bit, planting trees & plants is even more vital in the cities.

Nature Prevents Soil Erosion

Trees especially prevent soil erosion. One of the ways they do this is by protecting the soil from water. Very wet soil from hard rain can damage it.

There are a few other ways in which trees prevent soil erosion too. Planting things in general is great for the soil (rather than leaving it bare).

Shade from Trees Prevent Skin Cancer

Trees create more shade so we can be protected from sunlight. Some people are more susceptible to sunburn and cancer than others. This shade will allow kids to play outside longer, and for people to be able to use shade to naturally prevent sunburn and sunlight-related skin problems.

Nature Provides Food

Vegetables and fruits are all grown in nature, and by integrating nature with our cities, we will only be increasing natural food sources! Apple trees grow apples for example, so apples will be provided for those in need of fruit.

More cheap (but healthy) food available in the city will be beneficial especially for the lower classes and people not as well off.

Nature Heals Humans Faster

Multiple studies have confirmed that for whatever reason nature helps people heal from injuries faster. For example, people that have a window view of nature heal on average faster than those with a view of another building.

Some scientists think there's a spiritual/energetic element to this, whereas other think that nature helps us relax which promotes healing. Whatever the reason for this, more green equals faster healing!

This reason alone should be more than convincing to plant more trees and integrate nature with modern cities. Healthier people make for a better economy, a happier/better lifestyle, and a better city.

Nature Reduces Violence

Studies have proven time and time again that cities with more trees & nature have lower rates of violent crime. It seems that the same force that heals people also reduces crime.

Within cities, neighborhoods with more cement, gray-ness, and less nature will likely have higher levels of crime. Planting trees is a powerful investment towards health and safety!

Trees Provide Resources

All nature provides usable resources for mankind. By integrating this force our cities, we will increase value and resources exponentially.

Nature Increases Property Value

Properties with lots of green & nature sell for significantly more than similar counter-parts not integrated with nature.

The value of the property increases more than the cost of the investment too. If planting a few trees in a yard costs "X," then the value of the entire property will rise to "5X" for example.

Instead of increasing equal to the cost of the investment of integrating nature, the value increases significantly more. By integrating nature with our cities, we can increase the value, currency, and power of the city as a whole!

Nature Brings Business

Streets with lots of trees have been proven to get more business than streets not as well integrated with nature. Some scientists believe that this is because trees/nature creates a sense of peace and security, making people more likely to shop at businesses with trees surrounding this.

For whatever reason, integrating nature means business. It increases property values, increases the likelihood of shopping, and preserves the area. This is immensely valuable for the property owner!

Nature-integrated Cities are BETTER

These are 15 of many reasons why integrating nature with cities is highly beneficial. Not everyone has the time or money to take trips away from the city to enjoy the benefits of nature.

By integrating our cities with nature, we reap a myriad of benefits, for very little investment. Everyone wins!

What YOU Can Do

If you own property, you can start planting trees, make a garden, or otherwise add some "natural value" to it. These things require very little time investment. After the nature has been added, they will require very little time investment in the future.

The financial benefits are drawn out over time making the $ more than worth it as well.

If you don't own property, consider moving to a neighborhood or city (if possible) with more natural beauty. This will protect your health, be safer in terms of crime, and carry several subtle benefits that might not be always observed- but that doesn't mean they don't exist!

If you aren't active in your city's political scene, consider getting involved. If everyone works together, the financial & time investment per person will be minimal, but the rewards will be remarkably high.

Planting trees & integrating nature with our cities carry benefits that far outweigh the costs of doing so. For more information, contact us and we'd be glad to talk!

Thanks for reading!
-Wildlife x Team International

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