10 Things Exterminators Want You to Know

They just want the job done and the infestation removed. There are a few things you need to understand that will make the job of an exterminator in Arlington, TX area much easier while helping to make your home a more pest-resistant place.

1. A Clean Kitchen Doesn’t Make Your Home Insect Free - Sure food left out, dirty dishes, and an overall dirty kitchen may make your home a great attraction to bugs, but there are also other factors. Moisture also attracts pests. Keep your gutters unclogged and downspouts directed 3 to 4 feet from the foundation of your home, and drain decorative baths and pools regularly to keep pests away.

2. You Can’t Avoid Some Bugs - Although good hygiene is healthy, it will not keep bed bugs from your bed. Bed bugs end up in your home via outside sources like luggage, furniture, and clothing just brought in. Examine items well before bringing them into your home.

3. Exterminators Do a lot but You Need to Take Responsibility Too - An exterminator can free your home of pests. However you also need to do your part. This can include making necessary repairs, and keeping your garage door shut.

4. Call an Exterminator before Hatching a DIY Treatment - DIY treatment plans may work for some. If they are not applied correctly then they tend not to work at all. It is wise to contact a professional exterminator who can take care of the problem and resolve your issue with proper training and accreditation.

5. Some Pests Are Not Seen – Even if you do not see pests right now, it is wise to set up treatment plans to keep them from making your home their new home. Set up exclusionary measures. This can include replacing old screening, checking vents, attics, and basements.

6. Exterminators Can Only Solve Some Problems – A professional exterminator cannot rid you of head lice. They can solve many infestation issues but are limited to treating property. They are not able to give medical solutions.

7. Hire Professional Exterminators – Find a reputable exterminator and hire them. Research them beforehand. You should also make sure they hold local and state certifications.

8. Professional Treatments Are Safe – A lot of people worry about whether treatments are safe or not. When you use professional extermination services chances are they use the Integrated Pest Management process. This includes using the least amount of products that are the safest.

9. Not All Bugs Are Bad – While cockroaches and termites can ruin a home, not all pests cause significant damage. Spiders tend to eat other bugs. Regardless, if you find a lot of spiders around your home you need to call an exterminator.

10. Alert Your Neighbors about Bugs – If you have a bug infestation it is a good idea to let your neighbors know. This is especially true for apartment dwellers. You and your neighbors may need to contact an exterminator to take care of the problem.

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