10 Interesting Fun Facts About SNAKES!!!

Snakes are fascinating little creatures, and many people are afraid of them for good reason! Last week we made a post on some of the top venomous snakes; some can kill a human in as little as less than 30 minutes.

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Snakes are Carnivores 

Snakes do not eat berries, fruit, or veggies like humans. Instead, they only eat meat!

Snakes will eat bunnies, rats, mice, and any other unlucky small creature that crosses their path. Large snakes such as anacondas can eat even bigger animals.

One snake was found having tried to devour a small sheep!

Snakes Can’t Bite- They Swallow Whole

Snakes do not have teeth for biting & chewing. In order to eat, snakes must swallow their prey whole.

This is typically done by suffocating or squeezing the prey to death by wrapping itself around the prey. Once the prey is dead, the snake will swallow it whole.

Some Snakes Are Venomous & Deadly

Some snakes are venomous & deadly. They can inject venom into you that could cause a variety of symptoms, everything from headache to death in less than 30 minutes.

You have to watch out for venomous snakes. One snake’s bite can take 30 minutes to kill, whereas another could take 3 weeks of suffering before you pass away. At any rate, if bit by a snake, you should go to a doctor immediately to get treated.

Decapitated Snake Heads Can Bite

If you chop a snake’s head off, it can still bite & kill hours after it has been cut off! In fact, if the snake head is venomous, it will inject as much venom as possible into whomever it can take down with it.

This may seem hard to believe, but it is true. Chopping a snake’s head off simply doesn’t do the trick until several hours after.

1/3 Of Humans Are Innately Afraid Of Snakes

Several humans are instinctively afraid of snakes. Unlike “learned fears,” this means that we as humans evolved to naturally be afraid of snakes.

This makes sense considering several types of snakes are highly venomous & deadly. One simple bite could end your life in the time of cavemen!

Snakes Require 3-5 Days To Digest Food

After swallowing a creature whole, a regular snake will take at least 3-5 days in order to digest the meal completely. During this time the snake must hide & protect itself.

Larger snakes such as an anaconda can take weeks to digest a larger meal. Remember, snakes do not chew their prey; instead, they swallow it whole. Because of this, they have to sit & wait for their acid to slowly eliminate the poor prey.

Snakes Use POOP To Avoid Predators

Snakes can poop whenever they want, and they do this in order to avoid predators. If a snake fears for its life, it can poop in order to confuse, distract, or hide from prey.

This is used so that way they become dirty & the predator won’t want to eat them. It can also be used to hide.

Heaviest Snake = Anaconda

The heaviest snake in the world is the anaconda, and it is massive! The anaconda snake is so massive it weighs almost 600 pounds and can grow up to 30 feet long.

This massive snake can even eat jaguars. They don’t typically hunt humans, but small children/babies left alone could be at risk in areas with wild anacondas squirming about.

Some Snakes Have 200+ Teeth

Some snakes actually have teeth, but as we said earlier, this is not used to bite & chew their food. Snakes always swallow their prey whole.

Instead, these snakes are pointed inward, instead of outward like our teeth. These teeth are not for chewing but instead to prevent prey from escaping the snake’s throat.

If there’s any chance the prey is still alive, the teeth will prevent the creature from making it out of the snake’s mouth alive.

One Human Was Almost Eaten Alive…

Paul Rosolie attempted to be the first person to survive being swallowed alive by an anaconda in 2014. He wore a special carbon fiber suit with a breathing system, cameras, and a communications system.

The stunt was called off as the anaconda caused so much pain to Paul that he felt like his arm was going to be shattered.

As far as we know, there have been no other humans that have attempted to survive being eaten alive by a snake. We do not recommend it.


These are 10 interesting snake fun facts! We hope you enjoyed it & look forward to seeing you soon.

-Wildlife x Team International

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