#1 Deadliest Creature on Earth

Do you think you know what the deadliest creature in the world is? Write your thoughts down because the answer will surprise you!

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The Most Deadly Creature on Earth

Did you know that the deadliest creature on Earth is more deadly than bees, crocodiles, bears, and raccoons combined? This creature sure knows how to wipe us out, along with wild animals as well!

In fact the 2nd most deadly creature on Earth doesn’t even come close to just how deadly this #1 creature is. This creature has caused so much damage and trouble to us, and it’s extremely difficult to protect ourselves from just how deadly it is.

Okay, do you have your guess? Let’s find out what the deadliest creature on Earth is…

Here is the Deadliest Creature on Earth:

The deadliest creature on planet Earth is the “mosquito.” What? Yes, that’s right- the mosquito is more deadly than even all the other creatures you could think of!

How is it that a creature so small could inflict so much damage to animals and us? It’s not like they’re attacking in massive groups that would cause death by a million paper cuts, such as some species of bees do.

How deadly a mosquito is isn’t based on what it does but on what it transmits to humans and other wild animals: disease.

You see, in the USA, Europe, and Australia you are mostly safe because of the region. In countries near the Equator, malaria and other deadly diseases are commonly transmitted through the insect.

The local populations, especially in regions such as Africa, do not have the funds to properly vaccinate themselves or take care of themselves if they get sick from a disease delivered by an evil insect. There are also so many more insects because of the fact that the climate is consistently warm, whereas in North America we have seasons which get too cold for insects to thrive in.

Thankfully the occurrence of malaria is reducing fast, and soon we hope it will disappear forever, but for the time being the tiny creature known as the common mosquito will be the deadliest on Earth.

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